Finding Happiness in a Busy Life.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” The smaller the gap between what you should do, and what you actually do — the happier you will be.” … Mahatma Gandhi

Caveat: This blog is not supposed to be a pity party.

Confession: I spent an awful amount of time not happy.

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I am sitting at my desk it is 18:55 on a Friday and I am looking at the mountain of things to do that have piled up all week and all day. This mountain I am looking at is just my day job mountain, there is another mountain for things I have to do at home, another mountain for things I have to do in my volunteering and there is another mountain things I am neglecting — family, friends, me — that actually doesn’t even make a pile because I can’t bear to start counting that as well.

I am reminded too that these piles don’t make me happy! What makes me happy is getting the stuff done. A few weeks ago I was really happy because I got up before the sun every day for a week and spent 3 hours before work cleaning the house as guests were coming and I needed to scrub the house — housework has been on the pile of things to do for months. I felt so happy because I was getting something done.

I spent a lot of time in this not-happy place. It is not that I am unhappy, I am just not happy.

A google on the topic, I found this nice article from — which by the way I never do because most months for me are dry. I have started to do a version of dryjuly where I stop spending money — now that one is hard.

And I thought to myself, there are probably a lot of other very busy people out there in the Linkedin community that have busy lives in and out of work. I wonder how they manage their happiness, and I invite you to share if you can your ways of finding happiness in your busy demanding lives.

Please share your ideas and ways to be happy in your busy lives.

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