Part 2: Finding Happiness In A Busy Life — Noticing Happiness

Following on from my previous story about how to find happiness in a busy life, I spent the weekend thinking about this question. I found an answer for me — is not about finding it, but rather noticing it.

It occurred to me that my busyness wasn’t making me unhappy or not happy — it was not allowing me to take time to enjoy when I was experiencing happiness.

Photo by Tiffany Chan on Unsplash

Friday evening, after I posted Part 1, I decided to stop and take notice of what I was doing. Corny as it may be — I needed to stop and smell the roses.

So, I did.

As I presented to a new customer one of my bespoke presentations; as I read my son a book; as I watched him build a lego robot hiding Minecraft machine; as I walked the horse paddocks picking up manure (yes that is actually enjoyable) — over and over for the entire weekend I stopped and noticed happiness, I stopped and felt the joy of the many many experiences I fit into my busy life.

Yes, I have a busy life! But what opportunity that gives me for so many varied and joyful experiences — if I remember to stop and notice happy.

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