Thanks Graeme, I think in my day-to-day work I'm asked what is the difference between OpenShift and *KS all the time. It's actually a really hard question to answer in a way that helps the receiver to get it. I have many ways to explain it, but I've not landed on the really good succinct way to do it yet.

I recently had the experience where I thought I'd go and see what all the fuss was about and create my own EKS cluster. It was part of demonstrating Red Hats Advanced Cluster Manager. I thought this is gonna be easy - it must be, everybody says it is. Well, sorry AWS but OpenShift has spoilt me (maybe that should the title for my own post about it). It was actually cumbersome and confusion so much so I gave up - oc create cluster is all I have to do to get a complete OpenShift cluster up and running in OCP 4 or in the OCP 3 days it was oc cluster up.

OpenShift is well underestimated, and when people try to compare it to *KS they tend to just compare the k8s part and not the entire developer lifecycle part.

thanks for your post, I'll be quoting you.

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